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How will GDPR affect M&A transactions? 

The GDPR acronym has intensely resonated in business and social media during the last few weeks. Therefore we looked into how will this regulation affect the usual process of M&A transactions. We prepared the following scheme which will provide a general idea and can be a useful resource. In case of interest and for more information do not hesitate to contact our colleagues Lucie Schweizer and Darinu Parobeková.

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gdpr schema

We have advanced in the ranking of the 10 top largest law firms in Slovakia

We proudly announce that as compared to the previous year we have advanced in the ranking of the 10 largest law firms in Slovakia, which is compiled every year by The Slovak Spectator monthly.

While the last year we ranked 3rd in the overall ranking, this year we have taken the 2nd position. In the partial rankings we have moved from the 4th to the 3rd position in the parameter Revenues and defended our 2nd position in the Number of Law Graduates parameter.

This outstanding ranking we understand as an appreciation of our work and also confirmation of the fact that its quality and professionalism are constantly growing.

More details about the ranking can be found at: https://spectator.sme.sk/c/20065015/which-are-the-largest-law-firms-in-slovakia.html


The new commercial code will affect also "decent" companies

The latest amendment to the Commercial Code does not only contain restrictions on unfair practices and grey knights. It affects the life of businesses more than it seems at the first glance, and nobody talks about it. We introduce you the most important changes that may affect your business.

On November 8, 2017, an amendment to the Commercial Code was published in the Collection of Laws, which again fundamentally extends the liability of the statutory bodies, even those who have been and are no longer or even those who were not statutory representatives.

Here is a summary of the most important changes.

We have obtained outstanding rating in IFLR1000

We are proud to announce that our Law Firm has been at the forefront of the current ranking of the international publication IFLR1000. In the area of Project Development we ranked in the top class of Tier 1. In the remaining two areas, Banking and Finance and M&A we ranked in Tier 2, and we are one of the few purely local firms with such a high ranking.

Our partners also gained a great individual classification, Dana Nemčíková, Jana Tögelová and Ján Azud, as Highly regarded, Jaroslav Ružička, as Market leader, and Sylvia Szabó and Ladislav Krechňák, as Notable practitioners.

This is yet another appreciation of our work this year.


Compliance Officer Day

We’re proud to be #ComplianceOfficerDay Champions. Join us in celebrating the ethics and compliance community at https://www.complianceofficerday.com/champions/ 

These days the computer programs are protected as literary works

Creation of the copyright was a result of the upswing of the printed media in the past, that motivated the need of its complex regulation and protection. Since the last century, copyright or any other intellectual property rights have experienced a large boom. In relatively short period of time, this area underwent many challenges mostly because of the creation of so-called Information Society.

Full article can be found here. 

Department of Mysteries or What is Compliance Department actually doing?

The Compliance Department or holding a position of a Compliance Department does have a certain parallel with the functions of the Ministry of Magic from J.K. Rowling´s Harry Potter.  Their function is often misunderstood, equally mysterious, „secretly“ structured but at the same time needed, required and important. And just as processes and regulations of the Ministry of Magic are avoided, the processes and regulations of the Compliance rules are avoided, if these are already defined by respective companies. Each company has its Compliance department or function even if they think they have not.

Full article

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Mandatory Activation of Electronic Mailboxes

It seems that in the past days – weeks we have been flooded with reports, articles and notices regarding electronic mailboxes. There is no doubt whatsoever, after two unsuccessful “mandatory activations” it is obviously a matter of prestige that the government should not move the date of mandatory activation again.

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The July vote in the European parliament’s committee on the amendment to the posting of workers directive

Slovakia, as well as 10 other countries mainly from Central and Eastern Europe, has given a yellow card to the proposal out of concern that the new conditions of the Directive will reduce the competitiveness of our workers on the European labour market. Read more in the article of our colleague Martina Poliačiková in The Slovak Spectator.

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Successfull European Compliance Forum

The European Compliance Forum 2017 was very successful. We want to thank all the speakers for their interesting presentations and many new topics to think about. We thank all participants for a very pleasant atmosphere. Last but not least, we want to thank all the organisers for their efforts.


Again we have won an excellent placement in international rankings


We are pleased to announce that our Law Firm has also won this year´s top position in the current Legal 500 ranking in the Real Estate and Construction sector. We are ranked among the “Top Tier Firms” (position 1).

Congratulations also to our Partner, Sylvia Szabó, who again defended the highest rating in the “Leading Individual” in the same sector. Sylvia is an expert in real estate law and developer projects, corporate criminal law and commercial law. Her clients include major local and international companies. She provides advice on project financing, corporate and administrative law.

More information can be found here.



Ružička Csekes again won The law firm of the year contest, defending several primes

The publisher EPRAVO Group s. r. o. in cooperation with the weekly TREND announced yesterday evening the winners of the Law Firm of the Year 2017. Ružička Csekes Law Firm won the prestigious award for the fifth time, the main prize in the category National Law Firm. Primacy from years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 defended also in the category Public Procurement and won for the first time in the Criminal Law category.

Full article can be found here.

PFR video obrazok

European Compliance Forum 2017 - Holding the Helm of the Company is Getting Harder

Following the recently amended law on criminal liability of legal persons, the issue of cost-effectiveness of prevention emerges more and more. On why should Compliance Management have an important role in the company, and also on the upcoming conference of the European Compliance Forum 2017, we talked to JUDr. Jaroslav Ružička, Managing Partner and one of the founders of the law firm Ružička Csekes s.r.o.

Full interview can be found here

We invite you to the European Compliance Forum 2017

European Compliance Forum 2017 will provide C-suite managers, members of the statutory bodies, division directors and invited professionals the opportunity to discuss different experiences with Compliance and why it has the same positioning as risk management, operational management, audit management, human resources management or procurement.

All information about the conference can be found here.

Infringement of competition rules may become significantly more expensive

Effective as of 27 December 2016, there is a new Act in Slovakia on certain rules for the liquidated damages caused by the infringement of competition law.

Full article


Lucie Schweizer spoke at 4th International Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Conference


Our partner Lucie Schweizer participated in prestigious 4th International Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime Conference, organized by the Banking Association for Central and Eastern Europe and the Institute of Banking Education with National Bank of Slovakia, which took place from 1st to 2nd December 2016 in Bratislava. Lucie took part in roundtable discussion on problematic ultimate beneficial owner definition in connection with KYC processes.

For further information about the conference click HERE


Want To Do Business With The State? Get Ready For a New Register of Public Sector Partners


As part of the Government´s efforts to increase the transparency of public funds spending, the Act No. 315/2016 Coll. on the Register of Public Sector Partners and on the Amendment of Certain Acts was published on 29 November, 2016.

Full article


We have co-organized Trend Business Breakfast

Trend Business Breakfast on the new law of criminal liability of legal entities took place at the Hotel Arcadia in Bratislava on 15th of November 2016. The event was organized by economic weekly Trend in cooperation with our law firm and EY as partners. Among the speakers were Lucie Schweizer and Sylvia Szabó, our partners specializing in corporate criminal law.

How can the new act on criminal liability of legal entities influence the commercial life in Slovakia you can read in the articles of both our partners:

Even an Employee Is Capable of Ravaging His/Her Firm

Is the law dealing with corporate criminal liability only for criminals from among legal entities?

Lucie Schweizer Sylvia Szabo



Conference Management of receivables 2016

Our partner, JUDr. Šarlota Štosová participated with her lecture on recodification of procedural law in Slovakia in the conference EU Generation Management of receivables 2016. The conference was organized from 9th to 10th of November 2016 in The Radisson SAS Carlton Hotel. More than 20 experts from Slovakia and Czech Republic participated in the conference with their lectures.

Šarlota Štosová



We have supported the iKid project

Our team consisting of Eva Nagyová, Michal Hulena, Michal Huťan and Mark Molnár took part in a charity quiz to support the iKid project. It is a nation-wide competitive project aimed at supporting the new generation of young entrepreneurs. It is open to students who are between 10 and 14 years of age and who study at elementary schools or 8-year grammar schools. iKid focuses on implementing  business skills into the education process by means of direct experience and supports the Slovak elementary schools in the development of creativity and innovation potential.

“We have had a pleasant and entertaining evening. Moreover, we have supported a good project.” said Michal Hulena.

On the photograph is our team with Kenneth Ryan, the project founder and managing partner at KPMG Slovakia.

Our team with Kenneth Ryan, the project founder and managing partner at KPMG Slovakia.

Is the law dealing with corporate criminal liability only for "criminals" from among legal entities?

Impact of Act No. 91/2016 Coll. concerning criminal liability of legal entities on business environment is being underestimated. If the topic is interesting at all, most people accept the prevailing opinion that this is just another bureaucratic law that will hardly have any effect, not to say real impact (such as the law on reporting criminal activities, i.e. whistleblowing) and that it will affect only those companies that are involved in criminal activities. This, however, must not be accepted. Namely, the law extends the established procedures and interpretations of terms, such as liability of executive and representative bodies (in Slovak: štatutárne orgány) and other persons, confidentiality obligation, business secret, compensation for damages, etc. Finding a link between criminal activities and consequences affecting commercial law or civil law relationships has been accomplished in the sense of this regulation, at least at the theoretical level (even if not quite consistently). Practical side of the application of this new law is yet to be seen, the scope of its applicability being immense.

Full article