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The amendment under preparation will change the conditions of support for renewable energy sources

Date: 09/04/2018

The Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic released preliminary information on the Amendment to the Act on the Promotion  of  Renewable Energy Sources and High Efficiency Heat and Power Co-generation (CHP). This is a systemic change that will significantly affect the conditions for providing support in this sector.

According to this preliminary information, the current legal status and the “guaranteed rights to support” remain for the existing producers. However, there will be a change for new larger facilities. Support will be introduced in the  form of a new surcharge (“Feed-in-Premium“), with the precondition for obtaining this support being successful in the auction. The auction rules and selection criteria have not yet been presented. In the case of new smaller generation facilities, such as solar panels on residential buildings, the support will be provided by “purchase of electricity at a pre-determined price plus a surcharge“.

The Ministry is also planning a set of administrative measures to establish a central management system for the support of electricity produced from renewables and CHP, such as data management, central administration of support and its financing, central purchasing of electricity and assuming responsibility for imbalance.

The presented measures cast doubt on the fact that they could lead to a systematic reduction of costs of operating the system and thus also electricity prices, since these are only administrative measures. On the contrary, the Ministry proposes a cost reduction for industrial enterprises for some sectors in the form of state aid, which we consider to be a not very well chosen and systemic solution.


Mgr. Jana Tögelová