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Darina Parobeková
Darina Parobeková

Darina Parobeková


Ružička Csekes s. r. o.
Vysoká 2/B
811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
T +421 2 32 33 34 34
F +421 2 32 33 34 43

Junior Associate)
Bratislava, Slovensko
T +421 (0)2 3233 3434
E darina.parobekova@rc-cms.sk
Languages: English, Slovak

Darina joined our team in 2016. She is professionally competent in Information Technology (IT) laws including Telecommunications laws along with Trademarks and Corporate laws. In the course of her previous legal counsel role in the United Kingdom she dealt with legal matters on a local and cross-border level comprising more than 120 countries worldwide.

Most relevant transactions:

  • Trilateral International Co-Existence Agreement covering outstandingly broad trademark portfolios.
  • Unique competition/IP proceeding in the European Food & Beverages market via the European Commission and the other European Institutions.
  • Assistance with several complex cross-border real estate transactions.

Further experience:

  • Strong International background.
  • Well orientated in Innovations and IT/Communications sector, Trademarks law.
  • Maintenance of contractual relationships in numerous developed and developing countries.
  • Business orientated insight.