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Július Feher
Július Feher
German, Hungarian

Július Feher

Tax Advisor

Ružička Csekes s.r.o.
Vysoká 2/B
811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia
T +421 2 49 30 92 11
F +421 2 32 14 40 00

Július joined our team in 1997. He has been a member of the Slovak Chamber of Commercial Lawyers since 1991, a member of the Slovak Chamber of Tax Advisors since 2002, and a member of the Slovak Bar Association since 2004.

Previously, Július worked at the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family’s payroll and labour legislation department, and at the Finance Ministry of the Slovak Republic, where he was involved in the drafting and implementation of the original tax reforms of 1993.

His professional track record includes legal advice to Slovak and foreign clients in the fields of procedural tax law, income tax, VAT, transfer pricing and aspects of international taxation.

Július is fluent in Hungarian and German.

1976, School of Law of the Comenius University in Bratislava (JUDr.)

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